Planetary Cookers Series Cream Line P

Series : Cream Line P

  The Planetary Cookers of the Cream Line P series are electric or they can operate on gas. They are wholly made of stainless steel and they are suitable for the preparation and the cooking of various products in pastry-making and gastronomy workshops as well as in the pastry-making and food industry.

  The whole concept of bain-marie lies in the thermal oil that exists in the bin’s walls which are specially equipped for safe and simple use.

  The main feature of these cookers is the rotary, planetary move of two tools, the whisk’s and the ξύστρα, which combined they make a completely homogenous mixture in the end of the processing.

  The distinctive stability of the planetary cookers and the variety of their versions allow the manufacture of innumerable pastry-making and gastronomy mixtures like cream, éclair mixtures, semolina cream, potato gnocchi, sauces, etc.

  They have got a digital temperature setting with direct measurement in the product and an inverter for adjusting the stirring so as recipes which require delicate procedures or volume increase to be prepared.


  Product Information

  • Digital temperature setting with direct measurement in the product
  • 60-100-120lt models
  • Suitable for patisseries, hotel kitchens, Catering companies, etc.
  • 2 tools (whisk and scrapper)
  • Stirring speeds adjustable through inverter
  • Overturning bin with flywheel
  • Fully stainless
  • Audio notification in the end of the procedure
  • Simple in use
  • Completely silent function
  • The Planetary Cookers fulfill the safety and hygiene standards of food production (H.A.C.C.P.).


  The Planetary Cookers are exclusively manufactured in our factory.

  Our specialized service team offers complete technical support and spare parts.

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Model: Cream Line P 60 Cream Line P 100 Cream Line P 120 Cream Line P
Capacity (lt): 30 60 100 180
Quantity per cycle (kg) min-max: 30-60 30-100 40-120 60-180
Installed power (kw): 9 12 15 20
Electrcal supply: 400/50/3ph 400/50/3ph 400/50/3ph 400/50/3ph
Weight (kg): 230 270 355 410
Dimensions: 90x100x170cm 100x120x180cm 120x140x190cm 140x150x200cm