Cake & Confection Cutting Machine Model Pastrytech SP1

Model: Pastrytech SP 1

Innovative technology – Maximum manufacture

  Pastrytech SP1 offers automatic cut in any dimension. The automatic cake & confection cutting machine Pastrytech SP1 provides the highest quality standards in cake & confection cutting. It is equipped with a colored touch screen with many programming options which allow you the setup of the cutting dimensions and their storage in its memory.

  Pastrytech SP1 is made of high quality materials (stainless steel, aluminium anodizing, food Teflon). It is small in size and it is easy to use.

  The table is moving and the products are cut in the desirable dimensions in both directions thanks to the 90º turn of the plate.

  The machine can cut almost every pastry-making product like cream cakes, cakes, little cream cakes, apple pies, κορμός, tarts, brownies, desserts, cheese cakes, cereal bars, tiramisu, fruit cakes, etc. in every shape like triangle, square and rectangle.

  Another advantage of the machine is its ability to cut the product directly in the disposable baking tray which is very useful in the pastry-making factories.


  Product Information

  • Cake & Confection cutting machine
  • Suitable for pastry-making factories and crafts
  • Colored touch screen of 7’’ for programming the cutting and for function control
  • The cutting can be done directly in the disposable baking tray.
  • Automatic start and pause when the procedure is finished.
  • Zero loss in cutting
  • Small dimensions for saving space
  • 500 memories storage
  • Modern, high tech machine
  • Fully stainless
  • Safety doors for the operator
  • Made of high quality parts
  • User friendly
  • Easily washed
  • It fulfills the safety and hygiene standards of food production (H.A.C.C.P.)


  The Cake & Confection Cutting machines are exclusively manufactured in our factory.

  Our specialized service team offers complete technical support and spare

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Model: Pastrytech SP-1
Cutting plate: 50x35cm
Electrical supply: 400/50/3ph
Installed power (kw): 2
Weight (kg): 295
Dimensions: 120x92x160cm