A Long History of Experience

For over 39 years in cooperation with the leading confectionery, chocolate and ice cream companies, Inconeq Hellas has a unified experience that allows it to direct its customers to better choices, meeting the requirements of their production.

Here is our story:

1979: Establishment of the company with the object of stainless steel constructions and kettles and kitchen benches.

1988: The company relocates to new facilities.

1989: The construction of rotary ovens for the Confectionery began.

1996: A new era began with the design and manufacture of a series of vending machines such as vending machines, coating & chocolate sleepers, wrappers for chocolate products, splitting & cutting machines for sponge cake etc.

2001: The first industrial slot machine is built for installation in a tunnel oven.

2002: The first automatic paste-cake cutter is made.

2004: Upgrading of our mechanical equipment with CNC technology machines.



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2010: The company entered the field of sales renovation by concluding a cooperation agreement as an official representative with the Italian company IFI.

2011: The company designed and manufactured a complete range of ice cream machines such as ice cream makers, vertical ice cream machines, pasteurizers, ice cream fillers etc.

2013: The company entered the field of bakery and mass catering with agreements of major foreign companies such as Fimar, Mareno, Venix, Frioulinox, Forcar, Dihr, Kromo, Joly Ice, Ital Forni, Capitani, Artserf, Forni Fiorini, Sagi, Starmix and .a

2014: We successfully manufactured the first two-color multi-machine pastry machine for the production of two-color and stuffed products.

2017: Conclusion of an exclusive sale agreement of Iceteam 1927 ice cream machines for the Promag company.

2018: The first automatic production line of paste-cake 12 meters long was built

2018: A showroom and testing area was created inside our company's facilities.

2018: Upgrading of mechanical equipment with new CNC machines.


Today we continue the research and development of new machines and the upgrading of existing ones while improving the services we provide to our customers.

We continue to provide technology.

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