Inconeq Hellas 

  We create technology.

Inconeq Hellas is a family business which has been active in this sector since 1979. It has made huge steps in the last 41 years and it has no intention of slowing down.


  We always develop guided by innovation as well as the needs of the market.

  Since the day it was established, Inconeq has been designed for research, development and the production of machines in many sectors like confectionery, chocolate confectionery, ice cream, doughnuts, marmalade, etc. as well as the production of machines for the food industry.

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Machines designed and manufactured by us

  Inconeq Hellas creates its own machines which have been exclusively designed and manufactured in our premises.

  Thanks to our technical know-how, our fully trained personnel which is comprised of mechanical engineers and qualified technicians, and  the continuous research on new technological sectors, we have acquired great knowledge and experience in the manufacture of machines, always aiming at providing machines of high technology and quality in their making, equivalent to the European ones, affordable to everyone. 



  Our company always keeps up with the new developments and the needs which are created, immediately incorporating new technologies in our machines with constant mechanical and software upgrades.


High quality and performance

  Today our machines have reached a level which is of high quality and performance with perfect finish and ergonomics, ready to satisfy every need our customers may have.


  Manufacturing Values







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  Our premises

  Our premises have got a complete series of metal and stainless machinery of the latest technology, aiming at the manufacture of machines and stainless equipment from the beginning to the end.


  Machines check

  In our factory every new machine is tested in real working conditions and there is a final check of all the electronic systems before being sent to the customer.





Complete solutions for production workshops

  We have created solutions for every sector of production workshops providing complete equipment for the machines and the stainless products.

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