Inconeq Hellas

We are always next to you offering full support.

  We have got the solution to every of your problems with services and technical support which can make the difference.

  We can improve the efficiency of your business with new technology and innovative services.


  Services and Opportunities

  We help your business.

  Inconeq is always next to you offering a wide range of services, like training your staff in the machines, prior screening and immediate technical support by our specialized technicians.

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  Specialized Technicians

  Call our specialized technicians.

  Only Inconeq truly knows your machine since it is the one which manufactures it or imports it knowing its functions.

  For every check, maintenance or service you can ask in our company for specialized professionals who are always informed and able to provide a solution to your problem.


  Spare Parts

  Your spare parts are manufactured by our company which has manufactured your machine. This means that they have got longer lifespan and better performance.

  Preventive Maintenance

  Protect your machine.

  We help you work effectively.

  With periodic checks you can look after your machines so as to avoid emergency situations which can be harmful to your business.

  What we offer :

Specialized technicians who know your machine

Full check of your machine

Periodical checks

Advice on how to have full performance

  With the periodical checks we ensure you are in good hands.

  Our specialized technicians keep your machine in perfect condition.

  By looking after your machines, you look after your business.

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  We help you grow your business.

  By offering full services and technical support Inconeq helps you improve your production and work more effectively.


  Staff training

  For every machine that comes to your production facilities, specialized technicians demonstrate how the machine works and train your staff so as to be immediately aware of the machines and to operate them properly achieving the highest performance.

  The benefit for you is that you have immediately got an effective machine which functions in its highest performance and you can have your mind at ease focusing on other tasks.