Batch Freezers Promag Series Stargel

Series: Stargel

Electronic batch freezer

Reliable and easy to use, suitable for the production of all types of Artisan gelato and with a matchless quality/price ratio.

Stargel and Stargel pro have 3 different batch freezing cycles.


Gelato Cycles

Batch freezing cycle for dairy gelato.

Cycle with HOT batch freezing program for optimum of gelato consistency.


Fruit Cycle

Freezing cycle for fruit gelato and sorbets.


Cremolata Cycle

Program for the preparation of fruit cremolata by discontinuous cooling cycle for even ice crystals,Cycle can be programmed according to the required quality and density of the product.



Stain steel beater without central shaft, allowing reduced extraction times and a limited gelato residue.The absence of spring and o-ring on the scrapers makes cleaning much easier.



Teflon door with front hopper, able to optimize freezing and reduce condesation on the surface of the door.



Rodust teflon shower with teflon trigger.


Stargel pro

SA Beater

Stainless steel, high range beater without central shaft, equipped with teflon scrappers.It is a quarantee for the best performances, reduced extraction times and a minimal residue after extraction.



Stainless steel door with front hopper, equipped with an user friently, front-to-side moving opening system.


INOX Shower

New shower with ergonomic metal body and trigger, plugged to the unit with a resillent and long-fasting rubber cable.

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